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Adult Private After Hours Party

$50.00 (deposit)

Adult Private After Hours Party start at $450 minimum purchase for the night. Your deposit of $50 will secure your date and time. Complete the checkout online to book your own after-hours party with us! Deposit will be applied to minimum purchase the day of the event.

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Paint your own pottery or Fused Glass: You can schedule your own private 2 1/2 hour after hours party! At your event, guests will pick any ceramic piece they would like to paint and staff will be on site to help with any special techniques or designs desired by guests.  Likewise, any size or shape fused glass piece could be created with guidance and helpful instruction from our staff. All projects created count towards the required minimum purchase of $450.  A $50 deposit is required to secure your date, that deposit will be applied to your purchase at the event. You can choose to give guests a price limit and pay for the party as a group, or allow guests to choose what they'd like and pay on their own, as long as the total for the group meets the required $450 minimum purchase. Items in the studio range from $14 up to over $100 with the average piece being around $35.

We also offer Stoneware as a private party option, with the same required minimum purchase. Stoneware starts at $35 for mugs. Bowls, pie plates and casserole dishes range $40-$75.